QuarterDeck Games presents Tic Tac Toe Jam

The Thrill of Vic-TOE-ry - The Agony of Da FEET!

We put the "Toe" in Tic Tac Toe. A big, stinky, green foot will randomly squash an X or an O. If you're lucky, your Opponent will get stomped.

When Toes Attack, Tactics Change. Step Up Your Game!

If the Toe falls in your favor you might just have a chance to defeat an undefeatable Opponent. Take advantage of your good luck.

Don't get stepped on. You've got a ticket to ride the Toe Jam X-press!

The foot will stay for one turn and then leave for greener pastures. But it might come back so wash your feet every day. The stinky green foot is attracted by other stinky feet!

X-press yourself! Go toe-to-toe with the Oppressor!